Sunday, July 17, 2016

涂鸦 #46:改考卷 / Marking Test Papers

每个学期都会有这种情况 —— 改考卷改到好累~~

There is always a period of time with this situation every semester, which I got tired of marking test papers
If you woud to ask me which type of test papers is the easiest to be marked, I would say, there are two types:
Either a test paper with all correct answers, or a blank test paper
The hardest test papers to be marked are those that done partially or done but with wrong answers
It is always a hard time for me to consider how many marks to be awarded…

Saturday, July 9, 2016

涂鸦 #45:中学老师 / Secondary School Teacher

有点小确幸~~ ^^

Today, I went to recreation park for a walking exercise, and I met my secondary school History teacher
Oh my, she managed to recognize me as her ex-students!
I was a very quiet and ordinary student when I was in secondary school
I didn’t expect her to reconize me, even though she has forgotten my name
Anyway, I felt grateful for that incident ^^


Ah… I’m always not good in drawing backgrounds, gotta practice more…