Friday, February 6, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

涂鸦 #38:横幅 / Banner

第一个,是我最初 38女 的造型,当时的 38女 还是短发,所以照这样画出来
第二个,开始学画有腰身的,因为很想把 38女 画成一个有水蛇腰 + 长发的美女 XD
第三个,开始学拿肤色,也给 38女 一个多元化的服饰,头发也渐渐长了
第六个,最终,决定不要画腰身,会比较符合我的水桶型身材,就照实画好了,不过唯独发型依然是我喜爱的短发(目前的 38女 是长发的)
我一直都在摸索着,38女 的造型应该要是什么样子的,可就是摸索不到,一直到最近……呵呵
虽然,我知道往后还是会不知不觉的换了造型,或者有所偏离,就像漫画一样,第一集和第五十集的造型总是会有很大的差异的 ^^

Finally, I have changed the website’s banner!
I used to put someone’s master piece as the banner (I’m sorry that I have no idea where I got the picture from…)
and now, I have got mine!
It’s not a creative banner though, but just showing the evolution of 38 Girl’s modeling
Starting from the left:
1st one, that was the initial model of 38 Girl, which had a short hair at that moment
2nd one, started to learn to draw a 38 Girl with skinny waist and long hair~
3rd one, learned to set the right skin colour together with diversified clothes, and noticed that the hair grew longer
4th one, I wanted to fix down the modeling of 38 Girl with this one, but ended up giving it up because of some disatisfaction
5th one, changed to another simpler modeling with skinny waist (as I always wanted), not bad~ But, still, I gave up
6th one, finally, I sattled down with this modeling, pail-shaped body with no waist, and short hair as I like (Currently, 38 Girl is in long hair)
The reason I settle down with the 6th modeling because I like soft-tone colours
I kept on trying to figure out the modeling of 38 Girl, and finally~~
From now onwards, I’m gonna use this model for my comics and future works ^^
And of course, it may change from time to time for the enhancement~

涂鸦 #37:38女。减肥(上) / 38Girl. Keep Fit (1)


Everyone says I’m fat and asks me to keep fit…
OK!! I keep fit!!
Let’s see the result in the next episode~~

Sunday, February 1, 2015

涂鸦 #36:38女的生活漫画。开始 / Beginning of 38Girl’s Life Comic

最近好想继续自己的爱好……不为什么,只为了兴趣 ^^

I have drawn comics during high school time, and stopped since then.
Recently, I wish to continue my interest, just for my interest ^^