Thursday, January 14, 2016

涂鸦 #43:38女。罚单 / 38Girl. Summon


This was the conversation between me and my brother once upon a time…

Monday, January 11, 2016

涂鸦 #42:38女。礼物 / 38Girl. Present

然而,十先生说了,生日一定要有礼物,因为十先生很注重生日(跟 38女完全相反啊!)
所以,现在又是绞尽脑汁想礼物的时刻了,因为十先生的生日即将来临~~ >.<

This webtoon was drawn since last year, but it was left aside due to study and work.
38girl has a simple romance relationship with Mr Ten. She does not care about all celebrations and hence she does not need to think about what present to be given to Mr Ten.
However, Mr Ten cares about birthday celebration very much, and he did request for a birthday present every year.
And now, it is time to bother 38girl again for the birthday present of Mr Ten!! >.<