Monday, September 12, 2016

涂鸦 #47:生病 / Sick


Have been getting sick for two weeks…
Today, I’m still having running nose, keep on sneezing and cough…
What a tiring holiday~~ >.<

Sunday, July 17, 2016

涂鸦 #46:改考卷 / Marking Test Papers

每个学期都会有这种情况 —— 改考卷改到好累~~

There is always a period of time with this situation every semester, which I got tired of marking test papers
If you woud to ask me which type of test papers is the easiest to be marked, I would say, there are two types:
Either a test paper with all correct answers, or a blank test paper
The hardest test papers to be marked are those that done partially or done but with wrong answers
It is always a hard time for me to consider how many marks to be awarded…

Saturday, July 9, 2016

涂鸦 #45:中学老师 / Secondary School Teacher

有点小确幸~~ ^^

Today, I went to recreation park for a walking exercise, and I met my secondary school History teacher
Oh my, she managed to recognize me as her ex-students!
I was a very quiet and ordinary student when I was in secondary school
I didn’t expect her to reconize me, even though she has forgotten my name
Anyway, I felt grateful for that incident ^^


Ah… I’m always not good in drawing backgrounds, gotta practice more…

Saturday, February 20, 2016

涂鸦 #44:新相机 / New Camera

早前,我去旅行时遗失了陪伴我 7 年的傻瓜相机,好伤心啊……
前些天,终于买了新的相机,也稍微进步了一些,买了这么一台 Semi-pro 的相机来玩玩~~ ^^

I lost my 7-year-old compact camera during my travel earlier, and I feel so sad on the lost of the camera…
A few days ago, I finally decided to buy a new semi-pro camera!!
I hope that I could improve my photography skills with those manual settings~ ^^

Thursday, January 14, 2016

涂鸦 #43:38女。罚单 / 38Girl. Summon


This was the conversation between me and my brother once upon a time…

Monday, January 11, 2016

涂鸦 #42:38女。礼物 / 38Girl. Present

然而,十先生说了,生日一定要有礼物,因为十先生很注重生日(跟 38女完全相反啊!)
所以,现在又是绞尽脑汁想礼物的时刻了,因为十先生的生日即将来临~~ >.<

This webtoon was drawn since last year, but it was left aside due to study and work.
38girl has a simple romance relationship with Mr Ten. She does not care about all celebrations and hence she does not need to think about what present to be given to Mr Ten.
However, Mr Ten cares about birthday celebration very much, and he did request for a birthday present every year.
And now, it is time to bother 38girl again for the birthday present of Mr Ten!! >.<