Friday, December 26, 2014

涂鸦 #35:圣诞节 / Christmas


It was a busy Christmas for this year, busy in marking students’ assignments and test papers…
Finally!! I’m done~!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

涂鸦 #34:神魔之塔 / Tower of Saviors

好奇之下,就去画了两张,这一张比较能看一些 XD

I have been playing Tower of Saviors for quite some time. Recently, there is a game activity, which allows the players to draw the characters from the game.
Due to curiosity, I drew 2 pictures, and this is the better one~


涂鸦 #33:考试 / Examination


1. 刚拿到考卷时的表情 o.O
2. 没办法了,拼命作答!

On the last August, I was too free while invigilating at the examination hall, so I started drawing:
1. the face expression when the students first looked at the examination paper… o.O
2. What else can I do? Try hard to asnwer the questions!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

涂鸦 #32: 新婚 / Marriage

My colleague is going to get married, so I drew this picture for her. Wish her have a happy marriage!! ^^

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

涂鸦 #31:两周年 / 2nd Anniversary

画于 8/10 —— 我们两周年的前两天,当时他在日本,我好想飞过去跟他一起庆祝……
Drew on 8/10, two days before the 2nd anniversary of our relationship. He as in Japan and how much I wished to be there celebrating with him…

Thursday, October 9, 2014

涂鸦 #30:蛹蛹 / Larvae~

19/9 画的,这是他送我的圣诞节礼物~~
Drew on 19/9, a Christmas present from HIM~~

涂鸦 #29:热死了!! / Soooooo HOT!!

16/9 画的,最近天气热的不像话!!
Drew on 16/9, what a hot weather!!

涂鸦 #28:放马过来 / C’mon

15/9 画的,当时纯粹想要画歪着身体的样子,所以就画了这一张
Drew on 15/9. I wished to draw an ego-style girl, so here it was.

涂鸦 #27:Peace!!v(^0^)v

28/7 时画好的图,当时刚做完我预定的周日计划,松了一口气~
Drew on 28/7, just right after I have completed my weekend plan, felt relief~

Thursday, February 13, 2014